New Years Resolutions for your Business

corporate new years resolution

We invest plenty of time thinking of New Year plans in our private lives, but what about inside our small business?

Eating healthful, spending additional time with the family and getting fit are just some of the resolutions you see floating in conversations inside the office and about social networking. These are all fantastic resolutions of course, yet what about placing New Year’s resolutions inside the workplace?

Whether you saw some challenges you’ve had a fantastic 2018, you hope to put it’s time to put motivation and your new year optimism into practice. We’ll even help you plan the event

To get you started, here’s our Top 5 to kick off a promising 2019:
New Year’s Resolution: Be More Productive
Solution: Switch It Up

We’re firm believers in the value of off-site meetings. You’ll know from meetings distracting the workplace may be; attendees answer emails, become late and take phone calls to name a few distractions experienced. Therefore it’s time to switch it up they can be extremely productive or extremely unproductive.

Picture a place where the only disturbance you will experience is the coming of your working dinner or fresh teas and coffee to refuel. Our meeting rooms are equipped in mind with discretion and relaxation, making The Plough the ideal choice for your approach to productivity within the workplace.
New Year’s Resolution: Create a Strong Team
Solution: Start with Communication

Communication is vital as you will know! Lack of communication can ignite the blame’ culture and errors within the business. If no one is aware of what’s going on, how can they know how to make the correct decisions? The opposite side of lousy communication is team morale. It can lead to lack of involvement which is equally as dangerous as the above if employees don’t have a communicative and healthy relationship with their superiors.

About start each day with even a motivational quote, the strategy of the activity for the day and a private email to all users celebrating the achievements of the day before? Weadmired’ve all seen and shared the energy of this Transport for London’s philosophical quotes throughout the underground so why not integrate this.
New Year’s Resolution: Have More Fun
Solution: Get Out More

Hosting an occasion is the best way to entertain existing customers, woo fresh ones, and benefit employees that are hard-working — and it pays to think outside the box to create something memorable and compelling. From summertime parties to an extraordinary glamping adventure, bring your staff to The Plough Pub for the corporate hospitality you’ll never overlook.

Forest air that is New creates thinking, and we can think of no better location. Besides a unique Glamping experience you could organize your team to soak their anxieties within our award-winning Thai Spa, obtain their adrenaline working using a RIB boat adventure on the Solent, place their company knowledge to the test in many different puzzles solving challenges and much more.
New Year’s Resolution: Meet Objectives
Solution: Organise a Revenue Kick Off Event

If you’re starting a product that is brand new and trying to present the group with a new approach, then a Sales Kick Off is the way.

From demonstrations to training programs and a few downtimes to rest those tired brains, we can help you produce an engaging and Sales event. From conference rooms to evening dinners this events place in the New Forest gets the tools to make yours a success.
New Year’s Resolution: Boost Staff Morale
Solution: Organise Routine One to Ones

This is a time that you get to know your co-workers one. What are their critical motivators in the company? Do they have any specific goals they want to attain? Are there some worries and woes that need talking? One to ones aren’t there to purely speak salary, they’re there to iron out any problems, find out how to reach the top out of each person and help them grow, that can, in turn, promote your business growth.

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