7 Habits that Damage your Business Credibility

Business credibility is the faith that any company or any person puts in a business. This type of credibility is the trust that any person or any company puts in a business. Every person takes the risk of investing half of his savings in a business. Businesses often face loss and then start for success. There is no business that just faced success throughout its life. Ups and downs are a part of everyone’s life. You just need to live with it that life will show you good side and bad side of it. There are many habits that ruin a business. Certain mistakes are done by almost everyone and these habits damage your business credibility. These can be false marketing activities, breaking promises and so much more. Let’s take a look at every habit briefly and how it affects a person in his business life.

Pauses in a conversation:

When you are in a business, the pauses that you take while addressing someone or delivering your speech you make yourself seem shy and that is why people feel that you are suitable for their job. This is the habit that mostly takes people down in any company and they are left out of the business.

Making sudden movements:

The abrupt or sudden steps that most people take in any business make them risk their whole business life and at the end they are left with nothing. This is the worst habit most business men are seen doing and they fail to get rid of it.

Interfering the boss:

When you are in a business all you need to do is agree for your boss before you take any step. This is very important for you and if you interfere you are in danger of losing the entire business which you might have invested in.

Trying to stay away from every activity:

As far as you keep yourself in the business you stay away from the boss and that is where you lost your image and the boss starts neglecting you and you are seen more away from the job where you could also be thrown out of the business. A self doubt in organisational skills may cause this, take a look at our post on Organising a corporate event

Doing the work and giving others the credit:

Big the goody-too-shoes will give you so much trouble you might disappear from the business world. In a business all a boss needs is you to work well and explore new things that are not bizarre and that might help you as well. But when you start giving others the credit for what you have done, you lost every inch of your boss’ respect.

While addressing looking away:

When you are talking to your boss or giving a presentation, you start looking away this is where the boss fears that you have lost interest in the business and you’re dropped out.

Not using gestures for your work:

In a business all you need is a person who gives you a good response whenever you ask him to. Using gestures in one way of attracting people towards you in which they start noticing and hearing what you are saying. When you start avoiding gestures you eventually get people bored.

This is what happens in a business world. When you lose something you lose your job. Getting rid of few habits might help you in your business. You should avoid few things in a business which might help you a lot.

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